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Our System

The quality of the ingredients blended into our products is the true heart of our success. With Only 6 chemicals currently used in our systems, not only can your existing inventory of chemicals be reduced, but you can successfully treat with un-paralleled results any gel-coat, Imron, Awlgrip, Sterling, or other finish currently used in production. All of our products are engineered for the severe marine environment, supported by years of testing by chemists, manufacturers, and most importantly boat owners. 
We are especially proud of our preparatory cleaners that are so effective, even finishes oxidized beyond recognition are of little challenge. Most of these severely weathered finishes can be returned to a "Better than New" luster quickly and without the use of strong, harmful abrasives. Not only are these amazing results easily obtained, but their brilliance will last from season to season.

After / Before

Our systems are so diversified that even three day old "Factory Fresh" finishes are accentuated with an increase in gloss and depth.  Not only is the appearance of a new finish dramatically improved, but durability is extended as well, thus offering owners a reduction in cosmetic maintenance cost. it is with these facts in mind, manufacturers using our systems at the factory level are ever increasing.


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