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Hi Tech Marine Systems was founded by Martin Shoemaker back in 1983. Marty, as his friends call him, knew he wanted to do something with boats but wasn't quite sure what. While visiting marinas, he realized there was a need for a marine protection system that really worked. So he set up Hi-Tech in Tampa. Fed up with the congestion of the big city, Shoemaker moved his small company to Daytona Beach. Impressed with the facilities at the Daytona Marina and Boat Works, he, shortly thereafter, began to rent space within the complex.

 Shoemaker's company soon became a Florida Corporation and the size of his customer list started to increase rapidly. Customer's impressed with the quality and professionalism they had received, then told marinas back home about Hi-Tech and Marty suddenly found himself with a dealer network stretching from as far west as California, north to Wisconsin, and easterly from Maine to Florida, and expanded Internationally to Canada.

Tony C. has been in the marine business since 1999 while working his way through college. During this time he worked for Hi Tech Marine Systems as a boat detailer and for Daytona Marina and Boat Works as a dock master. After receiving a BS in Computer Science at Embry Riddle in April of 2002, he realized he still had a passion for yachts and formed Tony Seas Marine Maintenance.

Growing success with Tony Seas Marine Maintenance led the way for expansion, and on May 1st, 2004, Tony purchased the rights to Hi Tech Marine Systems of Daytona from Martin Shoemaker.  Hi Tech Marine Systems has been at the Daytona Marina and Boat Works for over 20 years and has enjoyed much success due in part to its unsurpassed quality and to its patented marine formula, UV/96.


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