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Cycle Shine

Hi Performance Acrylic Polishing System Formulated for Motorcycle Clear-Coats.

Accentuated by the Sun.


Cycle Shine is an Acrylic-Based Hi-Performance Polishing System formulated for modern paints, clear-coats, and powder coatings used by today’s hi quality motorcycle manufacturers. Cycle Shine when properly applied, will produce a hi gloss wet-look finish that will not only protect the surface, but will reduce swirls and cob-web type scratches common to most black or dark colors. With repeated use, colors will become more vivid and will take on new depth.

Application Directions

  1. Make sure surface is clean, dry, and grit free.
  2. Shake well and apply to a very soft cloth. Using light circular motions, rub product well into surface until only a light film remains. Avoid applying in direct sunlight.
  3. Using the softest cloth available, buff lightly but repeatedly until all product is removed and surface is bright.
  4. If smears appear, repeat step 2.
  5. Maximum gloss and cure is approximately 4 days. Allow 4 days between coats. The more coats, the greater the depth and brilliance.

To order cycle shine fill out the contact form and be sure to place, "I want to order Cycle Shine." in the comments section. A Hi Tech associate will call you within 24 hours to confirm your order.



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