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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will your product do for my boat?

    (Depending on condition of gelcoat and pigment remaining in paint.)
    UV/96 will give your boat a very shiny wet look finish and protect it from ultra violet rays, pollution, and tanic acid thus increasing the longevity of its finish.

  2. Do you use compounds?

    Only in dire circumstances. Our cleaners are non-abrasive and chemically remove the oxidation. In most cases with severe oxidation, a light compound with Finesse, followed by our application of UV/96 will do the job.

  3. Is UV/96 a wax, Teflon, or silicone?

    UV/96 is an acrylic based marine formula that when applied with a machine creates a molecular fusion between the surface to be treated and the finish, and becomes part of the finish, not a coating.

  4. Why is your product better than a normal wax?

    Waxes have a very low melting point. In the hot sun the chemicals break down and lose their efficiency. Waxes then become a temporary cleaner and last approximately 7 days.

    Our cleaners are non-abrasive. Because of this, the top layer of gelcoat is not harmed in any way. Our UV/96 with its acrylic base can withstand the sun and last 6 to 200 times longer than your conventional waxes.

  5. How long does your product last?

    (Depending on the condition of pigment remaining in the paint or gelcoat.)
    The hull will last up to a year, and the superstructure should last from 6 to 12 months. At this time we would apply an annual recoat of UV/96 bringing the boat back to its original appearance when we first applied the system.


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