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For the Yachtsman who will accept nothing but the best. No wax, Teflon, or polish can match our productís performance: quality, service, and professionalism unsurpassed.

We have developed a complete system to beautify your yachtís finish, new or old. Our dealer network, their highly trained crews and the UV/96 formula bring you that definitive shine others try to imitate.

We are ready and eager to meet your highest expectations. While in Daytona, call us out to do a test spot on your boat, or call us toll-free anywhere in the USA to inquire about the dealer nearest you.

Hi-Tech is particularly proud of the Systemís family of preparatory cleaner-sealants. The dealer trained applicators test several on each yacht to determine which will yield the finest results on that particular surface.

After this meticulous and time consuming surface preparation step, the proprietary clear gloss shield is applied and buffed so it actually becomes part of the finish. There is nothing to peel-off or turn yellow. The end result is an amazing clear, long lasting, wet-look gloss that beautifies beyond compare.


If you are interested in having your boat detailed, you can download a work order, print it, fill it out, and have it ready for us.


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