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"Tony -

     Thank you so much. The boat looks great! We went there Mon. 10.12.09 to start engines, etc.

     It is a great relief to know that La-Z-Eye is being taken care of by someone who does care.


                                                                                                  Kate Timko

In a thank you letter received by Dr. and Mrs Jeffrey L. Timko
(Owners of La-Z-Eye 32' Sea Ray on E Dock at Halifax Harbor Marina in Daytona Beach, FL)


" I've been using the Hi Tech Marine finish system on several different yachts under my command for the last 19 years. I have never seen another product that held up to the salt and sun for any where near as long as Hi Tech. The finish holds it's shine for many months at a time."

Captain Charles Loveday Aka "Charlie Tuna"
(Captain of My Commission and it's Tender More Commission pictured below)

Charlie with More Commission
Click to enlarge


"Thank you for your excellent assistance.

Best Regards,

Jorge Larranaga"

(owner Foolish Pleasures 396 Carver)

"We planned on painting our boat eventually because the gel coat is fifteen years old and it looks so dull. We met Tony and he has done a fantastic job restoring the shine and brining back the gel coat. They are a professional team, give excellent service and our boat still shines after 6 months. Thanks guys, The Loveable Bud"

- Jeff Forte owner Loveable Bud 55' Hi Star

"We are very pleased with the bottom job!  It looks like a new hull and the shine is fabulous.  We know how hard the work is and we appreciate it very much."

- Holly O'Dowd owner Hali Kai 37' Carver




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