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What is the UV/96 System?

The exclusive UV/96 System is the culmination of over fourteen years of testing by chemists, manufacturers, and most important yacht owners. It includes high quality marine sealants, acrylics, and other durable chemicals.

Unlike auto polishing coatings that all to often are sold for use on boats, the UV/96 System is formulated strictly for the severe marine environment of intense sun and caustic polluted waters. Most important, the System is so diversified, that it can be used to treat any finish in the marine industry.

  • The UV/96 System dramatically improves gloss and brightens colors on brand new as well as weathered finishes.

  • It outwears, outshines, and out protects any wax, silicone, poly, or Teflon used in the industry today.

  • And a professional UV/96 System dealer can inexpensively maintain its protective shield annually.

after                    before

FACT: Dramatically improves gloss and brightens color of urethane paints which are used as original equipment by Broward, Hatteras, Huckins, and Palmer Johnson yacht builders.

FACT: UV/96 System is effective in preserving new and old finishes against premature fading caused by ultra-violet light.

FACT: Conventional waxes and sealants have a low melting point, so they offer little protection from hot sun. UV/96 System lasts from 6 to 200 times longer.

FACT: Tests show that when UV/96 System is applied to oxidized surfaces, gloss readings increase from 30% to approximately 80%.

FACT: UV/96 System will remove Tannic Acid (Intracoastal Mustache) & protect finish from it.

FACT: UV/96 System can increase your yacht’s resale value, and will dramatically reduce time consuming wash downs and exterior maintenance.


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