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Basic washing includes a thorough wash by hand with a marine soap which will not strip wax and is safe on the environment. After washing, the boat is dried with a chamois.

Washing Extras

Black streaks a problem? For a small additional fee, we can add a black streak treatment which will not remove wax.

Mildew? No problem. Heavy mildew can be removed with a mildew treatment at a reasonable cost.

Extras can be incorporated with a wash or done separately.  As much time as needed is spent on your boat to do a quality job.

Want us to wash your boat a certain way? We'll wash it the way you tell us. Just want a rinse down and chamois? We'll take care of it. We have all our own equipment, but if you want us to use yours, we will.  Have it done the way you want it.

Anything else, just ask!


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