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06/13/10 - Added photos of Serenity to photo gallery 3 .

04/18/10 - Created photo gallery 3 and added photos of Spare Moment II.

03/26/10 - Updated photo gallery 2 with more pictures.

10/19/09 - Updated Testimonies page with Kate Timko's testimony of Hi Tech Marine System's Performance on La-Z-Eye, a 32' Sea Ray kept on E Dock at Halifax Harbor Marina.

09/17/09 - Added more photos to photo gallery 2.

09/15/09 -  Basic Maintenance. Made sure all pages had the Boats For Sale button and links to all pages at the bottom of each page. Also updated email to tonyc@htmsdaytona.com

09/14/09 - Created photo gallery 2. More photos to come.

09/13/09 - Updated photo gallery with more photos.

09/12/09 - Updated photo gallery.

08/15/09 - Created a twitter profile "hitechmarinesys". Now you can follow Hi Tech's every move! Track what boat's we are working on, and when we will be working on yours.

07/07/09 - Added a couple links to the links page. Put the updates on the home page in order of most recent to oldest.

12/23/08 - Added Lighthouse Boat Yard to the Marinas page

11/28/08 - Removed the background music and added the current greeting.

11/27/08 - The host server went down. I had it rebooted and the front page server extensions reinstalled. This unfortunately cause the counter to reset to 0. You would need to add about 6000 hits to get it to a correct number.

10/13/08 - Added Shane Benton to the list of Prospective Dealers on our Hi Tech Marine Systems' dealer's page. Congratulations Shane and welcome to the family!

10/12/08 - Added Cindy Lou to the Boats for Sale page.

09/25/08 - Added C Angel to the Boats for Sale page.

09/22/08 - Created Boats for Sale page.

07/01/08 - 09/01/08 - General Maintenance. Fix some dates and broken hyperlinks, etc.

06/27/08 - Created a geocities website which can be viewed here.

06/22/08 - Added the Marinas page.

06/01/08 - 06/7/08 - Added several useful links to the links page.

05/30/08 - Hi Tech Marine Systems is now on Myspace. You knew we had to go there. Check out our Myspace page www.myspace.com/hitechmarinesystems

05/23/08 - Added Bob's Discount Marine Supply to the links page. Updated the animation on the home page.

05/21/08 - Added 25th Anniversary logo.

05/20/08 - Started a blog which can be viewed here.

05/19/08 - Added Daytona Beach Chess Club to the links page and the customer benefits page.

04/13/08 - Added pictures of a hurricane damaged, repo boat and of our South Florida rep Steven Cotto finishing More Commission to the Photo Gallery.

04/08/08 - Added pictures of a Hi Tech detailed hurricane damaged 34 Silverton and our South Florida Representative Steven Cotto putting the finishing touches on More Commission.

04/02/08 - Added Captain Charlie Tuna's testimony to the Testimonies page along with a picture of More Commission.

03/31/08 - Posted Proof Page with enlargeable images of Hi Tech's 20 year trademark and the chemical analysis of the UV/96 Marine Formula which proves it will outperform any other product on the market today.

Removed Stock Exchange link from Customer Benefits Page and Links Page.

02/23/07 - Added Torpedo Joe to the games page. Remember that manatee zone that caused you to slow down to a crawl and waste all that time and fuel, or the manatee that mangled your props? Well now it's payback!





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